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  1. This has been a pet peeve of mine since 1968. DST Researched by LBJ he rejected its use for saving energy because it was easy to see it would not. BUT Richard Nixon did decide to use it. For two reasons I believe #1 In dealing with the social unrest of the summer of 1968 after MLK’s assassination Nixon’s staff was convinced by having the sun go down at 9:45p.m. black mothers would have their children off the streets for bedtime removing young people from the street rioting.#2 Nixon,an avid golfer, knew you could play 36 holes of golf with a tee time between 5-7:00p.m. inside the East coast heavily populated corridor including D.C. I have never heard of any other logical explanations for DST & we all know people in power never admit they did something wrong. As a 7th great grandson of Benjamin Franklin I know even Ben realized his idea was flawed.

  2. Thank you for being a voice for sanity! DST only benefits farmers that want to use their kids in the field during the summer. If DST is sooo great, why don’t we stay on it all year? I just don’t want to keep changing my watch.

    1. Well, I think the big supporters are Chambers of Commerce – having people out later prompts them to spend more money. But you and I are after a common goal. Thanks for the comment.

      – Ray

    2. WHAT? As a farmer I can tell you that’s bullsquirt, we get up with the sun and go down when we’re finished. Cows never knew the time changed, they needed milked when they need it.

  3. why don’t we just move the time a 1/2 hr and get the best of both .

    1. There are lots of opinions on what to do out there… but unlikely the DOT would approve a 1/2 hour change.

  4. Having worked most of my life in Colorado, I dreaded the end of DST—- having to come out of work in the dark needing to clean the snow and ice from my car, deal with traffic snarls that made a 20 minute drive home a 2 hour treacherous ordeal. The issue for school kids had a simple solution – delay school start time by an hour. Farmers live and work by daylight, period , up at dawn, in bed after dark, so….. I support locking the clock at DST. Where is the proof that changing back and forth saves energy? At the cost of our health, etc.

  5. J. Alfred Pritchett

    Harwood, Yes, let’s lock the time. I seem to remember that going to school in winter and working on the farm in summer were reasons for DST. Let’s fall in line with Greenwich Mean Time and stay there. If local businesses and/or school districts or whoever wants to adjust their lifestyle to the global norm (24 time zones synchronized) – great. One clock, one time, full freedom to live your life and set YOUR schedule as YOU see fit!

  6. I live in Missouri and I hate DST. I agree lock the clock!

  7. I also hate DST. It’s a real nuisance and I’m very tired of it and I also agree LET’S LOCK THE CLOCK FOR PETE SAKE! enough! is enough!anyway, it’s about time we change it and keep it that way! No more! We should have a petition over this! The more people are against this the better it will be for all of us!

  8. I really hope we hear before the year is over some kind of news that DST will be done because when they say changing back and forth saves energy I certainly don’t believe THAT!

  9. I have so long been a proponent for abolishing this ridiculous ritual. Let’s LOCK THE CLOCK!

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