Opposed to HB 2014 of 52nd AZ Legislature

Email to HB 2014 Sponsors 1/8/2015

From: Ray Harwood

Sent: Thursday, January 08, 2015 12:46 PM

To: ‘’; ‘’; ‘’

Cc: ‘’; ‘’

Subject: HB 2014 Daylight Savings Time in Arizona


Sponsoring Gentlemen,

(CC to representatives of my district)

Regarding HB 2014 as shown at, please note that I am opposed to adoption of this amendment.

This is my own opinion is based primarily on what I personally know and believe.  But before making a final decision, I wish to understand why this is being proposed.  Please forward information, either in the form of attachments or web links, which support the need for this action.

While my current intention will be to work to defeat the passage of this bill, I implore you – if the legislature sees fit to proceed with adoption of this bill – to include a provision that it shall not take effect until at least one year after adoption.  It is no small matter to reset virtually every computer, laptop, tablet, and smart phone in the state to “Mountain Standard Time”, as opposed to “Arizona Time” that most of them are set to.  Budgets are tights and IT staff are stretched thin in every organization, and this undertaking cannot be done without significant planning, staffing, and testing.

I hope to communicate with you more, and am willing to provide input and insight, based on my 40+ years of IT experience.

I appreciate your consideration.



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