Opposed to HB 2014 of 52nd AZ Legislature

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Arizona legislators have proposed to ADOPT Daylight Savings Time in Arizona.

See the text of the “prefiled” bill here.

An early news piece from Phoenix CBS affiliate reports information from two of the sponsoring legislators here.  The news piece does not seem to quote any substantive research on why Daylight Savings Time is a good thing.  Partial quote, emphasis mine:

“I support it because I think it will help business in Arizona and help us be more competitive,” said State Rep. Paul Boyer, R-Phoenix, one of the bill’s co-sponsors.

Boyer believes the reasons Arizona opted out of daylight saving time are outdated and are potentially hurting the state’s economy.

“I think we’re less productive currently,” said Boyer.

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This site was just started January 8, 2015.  Come back for more information in the coming days!


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  1. What a joke. Scheduling meetings with out-of-state participants is NOT THAT HARD. Maybe these legislators should be pressuring their out-of-state colleagues to fix their out-of-date system.

  2. Old Indian Proverb,
    Only a white politician would believe that by cutting a foot off the top of the blanket and sewing it on the bottom, that you can make the blanket longer.

  3. Dumbest thing I ever heard, why doesn’t the rest of the country go back to “natural” time all year. I have always heard politicians say it saves energy yet I have never seen this ever quantified. If it does save energy then why not publish the findings and results. Simple it does not save us a dime.

  4. “I think we’re less productive currently,” said Boyer.

    I totally agree, Mr. Boyer – YOU are less productive, so please focus on something that the people of Arizona actually want and not silly stuff like this :/

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