Opposed to HB 2014 of 52nd AZ Legislature

Sponsoring Legislators

According to the Arizona Legislature web page here, this bill is sponsored by the following legislators. Information contained here obtained primarily from Arizona State Legislature web site and other web sources, as noted.

Representative Lovas

Republican, District 22, Email, AZ State Legislature web page.

Occupation: Hotel Consultant

Representative Boyer

Republican, District 20, Email, AZ State Legislature web page

Representative Allen

Republican, District 15, Email , AZ State Legislature web page


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  1. One of the things I love is that Arizona is not on Daylight Savings Time. Incidently I have a daughter and grand daughter in Virginia. Have you considered talking to your buddies about dropping DST themselves. I am sorry you have difficulty but whatvof your constituents? Thanks Tanya Perez in Flagstaff

  2. I lived in PA most of my life. I hated going to work in the dark and coing home in the dark. The forward and backward spring of times messes with you. It’s an old idea and needs to be dropped. Why would we even think about this now if other states are looking to drop it? I don’t see Arizona as less productive but maybe we need to replace the representatives who feel we are. Even introducing this bill was a joke. Do something more productive with YOUR time.

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